One thought on “Contact Me

  1. Dear Eleanor: Today, I stumbled upon your site on FB. I love your blogs and your authenticity. We share so many concerns. I, too, believe that God doesn’t care what religion you practice. I was born and raised Catholic and I dare not say out loud that the Roman Catholic Church is not the true church.. They’d excommunicate me! Because I was not raised in the African-American church, I am treated as a freaky outsider by so many “religious” folks in my community. They think I worship idols…I DO NOT! I worship God, and His Son. Currently, I write for an on-line magazine, Xtraordinary You ( I have never written before (other than many business letters during my career as a office assistant), but I speak from my heart. My column, “Mrs. C” is a written message and contains a pod cast, so that you can listen and read along. I did not ask for this assignment, it was offered to me. I started to play small, but I thought, I am 65 years old and if someone wants me to write, then I will. A story for another time is how I struggle with health issues that have not been diagnosed, and how grief from the loss of my mother almost “took me out”. Praise God, I am still standing, writing, sending audio messages of encouragement to 25 women each day. I feel connected to you, and I pray that you will continue to heal…inside and out!

    Leslie Cunningham


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